Monday, 3 November 2014


the film Avatar originated from the idea of the middle east, this is shown from the fact that there are on-going disputes over oil and land in the middle east which mirrors the on-going fights between the Na,ve and the marines in the film. James Cameron (director) also wanted to create an environmental film based on nature. James Cameron came up with the idea of avatar in the late 1990s but in 1999, when he wanted to start making the film, The technology to produce the film was very new and would have cost him $400 million to produce, which was of douse too expensive. the project ended up costing $325 million

Avatar used cross convergence to advertise the film. they did this with the theme tune which was sang by Leona Lewis, this benefited both mediums.

Avatar teamed up with McDonald's and "coke zero" for extensive promotions

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