Monday, 13 October 2014

X men days of future past


I chose this review because it had thousands of views which shows that many people were relying on this site to determine whether or not they were going to watch the movie. This video also had very positive opinions on the movie and stated it was; "the best movie of the year

Screen shot of The Times movie review

This site had very positive opinions about this film and rated the film 4 stars out of 5. The review was written byKevin Maher.

The Guardian also had very positive comments to make about this film, however there was also some negative comments due to the fact that some people that had not seen the earlier X-men films may not understand the film or enjoy it as much as the people that had, for example, the Guardian stated: "If you've consulted your ring-binder of data from the previous six X-Men movies, you'll probably enjoy this. If you come to it fresh, it can be like trying to follow two games of chess at once."

On a whole, all the reviews had something positive to say about the movie which could possibly be due to the movie being such a big production along with the fact the it was directed by Brian Singer who had also directed the previous X-men movies which had done very well.

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